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Past Successes

This is one of the first projects ever initiated by Lofdal Community Projects in the beginning of 1981. Where some members of our organization started gathering small groups on the streets, handing out hot soup and bread, in times where they had nothing else as nutrition. Over the years we have seen exponential growth in this project, and today we are feeding more than 100 000 children and people in 6 different areas, some twice weekly. Our vision is to increase the number of meals to 200 000 and to provide hot meals to these communities on a daily basis.

We provided “palliative care” and tender loving care to terminally ill patients, (Cancer, HIV/Aids and TB), when they or their families were unable to do it anymore. We also provided the requisite support to their families to assist them in coping with the illnesses of their love ones. We worked hand in hand with the local community clinics, and a lot of patients has been placed in our care facility from Governmental Hospitals. Eagles Rest (As the Facility was known), was awarded the number one Step Down Facility in the Northern Sub District. We had more than 1140 patients that were admitted to our facility from 2009 to our current restructuring period from 2011. We are currently in the process of planning to re-open this facility to serve in it’s full capacity once again.

We have successfully remodeled a building and established a Safe House for children who’s lives are at risk with their families and surroundings. We work hand and hand with The Department of Social Services and SAPD to provide a safe and loving environment for the children to stay. By creating a this environment, the children can develop better lives and dream of a bright future.

The school opened its doors in 1998 with an initial intake of 50 learners. Today we have 183 learners. Over the last years we outgrew the Grade 1, and Grade 2 classes, due to the fact that there was a greater need in the community for just a Gr R learning center. This was encouraged by the Department of Education. Hence being the largest Gr R learning center in our community, which uses English as primary medium of teaching. We have been privileged to impact the lives of young learners over the last 15 years.

This project was launched after we’ve seen a rapid increase in the great demand for fresh produce in our Cooking Facilities to accommodate the feeding project. We started to grow fresh vegetables on our main care point to assist the feeding of the people. Our vision is to erect Agricultural Green Tunnels in which we can produce larger quantities of fresh produce with a higher nutritional value. This project would also have the ability to create a substantial working opportunity for unemployed people in need.

Lofdal International is hosting an Annual Christmas party for underprivileged children from the surrounding communities every year. Thousands of children come and receive a gift and refreshments and this is making the joyous Christmas season special for them. Above all the excitement, the greatest gift of all is when the multitudes of children accept Jesus as their Lord and savior, for some the very first time.

Over the last 16 years, we have been able to bring joy to more than 62 000 children in total, on the 16th December every year.

The main purpose of the projects is to serve as center’s where substance dependent individuals can come and be helped to conquer their habit. We run a three month program that needs to be completed by every individual to successfully get them free from any addiction, and to also give them hope for the future. We have established 2 centers, one of which caters for male dependents, and the other females.

P.A.D.A Support Groups

(Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Abuse): This projects is focused on creating a sustainable support structure for parents and those affected by Alcohol and Drug abuse. We are proud to say that we are experiencing a success rate of between 70 – 80%. It’s an outreach program to facilitate and to rehabilitate people who are substance dependent, and also having a support system in place for their families to help them to cope with the individuals. At present we have more than 80 individuals participating in our programs. We have 16 support groups in and around the western cape, running group sessions weekly.

Pomfret Community Outreaches:
Pomfret is a desert town, the site of an old asbestos mine, on the edge of the Kalahari desert in northwest South Africa. It is the administrative center of Molopo Local Municipality. This small community had a great need and between the years 2008 to 2009 we were hands on involved in some uplifting projects in this community. Here a brief outline of the achievements in our attempts to empower this community.

1.Agricultural Development, including the establishment of clean running water.
2.Numerous donations of household supplies, food, clothing, as well as mattresses.
3.The upliftment of an orphanage, restoring joy and basic needs.
4.Painting of a school in a nearby suburb called Brea.

Little Girl Cadu:
With our outreach to Pomfret, we have discovered an 8yr old girl named Cadu, living in devastating circumstances. She had damaged her eye during a school fight, and seeing that she was unable to get the medical attention she needed, the eye got badly infected and she lost her eye. We were able to buy her a prosthetic eye, and may not have been able to restore her sight, but we could restore her self worth and give her the opportunity to dream again.

In 2008 Xenophobia broke out in several parts of the Western Cape in South Africa. Lofdal International in corporation with the SAPD worked together to bring social relief in a time where foreigners from neighboring countries were brutally attacked. We supplied them with a temporary place they could call “home”, hot meals, as well as supplies for the children and blankets.

Future Projects


Chicken Farm:
One of our future initiatives are to establish a free range chicken farm on our property. This project will provide nutritional products to assist the feeding outreaches we are running. By establishing the free reign chicken farm, we will be able to provide job creation to the impoverished in the community.

Cooking School:
Our vision includes establishing a cooking school, to empower the unemployed in our communities and to enable them with skills and training to step into the hospitality industry. In this way we can combat the statistic stating that 75% of South African are facing unemployment. We can change a nation by impacting one person at a time.

Children’s Villages:
After observing and identifying the shocking statistics that more than 6.6 Million People are currently living with HIV in South Africa, of which the growing figure has exceeded more than 1,800 South Africans dying Daily due to HIV. Because of these facts, the imperative need has been identified for the establishment of children’s villages. These villages with be equipped with all that is needed to impact change and ensure that these children will grow up to be the next politician, lawyer, doctor or whatever they dream to be.

Mobile Clinics:
Being involved in our community in the measure that we are, we have identified the need for a medical equipped mobile clinic. This project main objective will be to assist children and people with minor medical injuries. These clinics will provide the cleaning of wounds, ointments as well as checking their vital health statuses. Many of the multitudes that we see on a daily basis are unable to get to the local clinics and in this way we can prevent future complications.

To re-open our Hospice: Tender Loving Care Center.
As description above.

To establish “Agricultural Tunnels” to help in our attempt to feed more people:
As description above.

To establish the “Basket of Destiny” Project:
This project will be serving as a safe place for mothers to drop off their new born babies, without having to
abandon them in open fields where their lives are endangered by stray dog’s and life threatening elements.
There will be an incubator installed in a wall, with a one way entry point, where these babies can be laid down,
an alarm will be activated as an indication that a new baby arrived! Thereafter a nurse will collect the baby and
see to his/her well being by placing them in safe care.

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