Due to persistent faith in that vision, the congregation grew rapidly. Before they could realize it, the building was too small to accommodate them and new plans had to be made. A 500-seater tent was bought and erected in a caravan park that was also utilized for accommodating the poor and needy. Conference grounds of a certain Pentecostal denomination became available.

This 5 Ha piece of pine shaded land, together with its 2000 seater auditorium, restaurant, prayer room, and child and youth facilities became home to the congregation. It has 50 single rooms, 16 cottages and a 4 bedroom house. Right across the road was a squatter camp (informal settlement) where the government has built houses - with approximately 38000 people that are thoroughly evangelized and ministered to.

We are trusting God to build a City of Hope. We believe to make every believer a leader and to develop effective lives for the glory of God.

This site will take you on a journey to see the impossible become possible, how a vision of a man became a vision of a church and grew to the vision of the community and now A global vision.

Nestled in the mountain slope of the fairest Cape, lies Kraaifontein, some 30km away one can see Table Mountain to the south, while Paarl Rock(some 31km to the north) and the rugged Stellenbosch mountains(21km away) guard the Northern Boundaries. Small wonder that God made a covenant with this beautiful Kraaifontein way back in 1959.

Unaware of this covenant, the young pastor Gustav du Toit, responded to the calling of God in 1981. He started off on the first Sunday of 1982 in a little country style church with 3 sisters and a brother, together with his own family as members with dreams and gave insight into the future about the wondrous works that He had planned for them.

This glorious move of God has been ignited in June by Revivalist Todd Bentley and the God TV Team.

Even after they left South Africa back home, this movement has increased to a weekend phenomenon where people from all over the western cape and the nations of the world comes hungry for a touch and igniting experience with God.

We have seen several supernatural miracles and signs and wonders take place under the cloud of Glory. We are experiencing how God is saving multitudes and lives are being restored in a greater measure than before.

Come to Cape Town, and be ignited by this fire of revival. Join Dr Gustav Du Toit and the Lofdal International Worship Team with Revival Choir, for this great awakening experience.

This is a faceless move, no man can take the Glory but Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith and baptizer with Fire.